Natespirateradio February 2019

February is short and kinda short on music. Some late month electronic discoveries made it a fun month for me, so maybe this is your month for getting into some electronic music! Who knows :)


Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs - I included this in last month's roundup but it's still the most interesting release of the year so far for me

Ariana Grande - thank u, next - I'm still very pro Ariana. The first half of this in particular has some great moments for me, where the second half is a little hit or miss even though it ends with the big singles all in a row.

Health - VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR - I love how much some people hate this record. If you want indie pop with Rammstein palm muted industrial chords…maybe I'm not selling it right.


Efdemin - New Atlantis - This is a landmark post-techno techno album. It begins so hauntingly and takes you on such a journey. Easily his best.

Cosey Fanni Tutti - Tutti - I connect with this type of professional synth worship.

Ossia - Devil's Dance - A not so ordinary mix of darkness and jazz that works well

Skee Mask - 808BB - Skee Mask is still the best at doing this thing. 

Body San - Midnight - Body San is very consistently good at convincing me of the lo fi house thing. 

Loure - Avenues - Some big deep house sounds with pretty inspired vocal sampling.