Natespirateradio January 2019

January 2018

I found a lot of things to enjoy this month! See if you enjoy them, too! In a semi-order as of publishing, but I’m sure it will change a lot!

Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow - really strong vocal and synth melodies from SVE! 

Croatian Amor - Isa - bizarre (and addicting, for me) post-apocalyptic journey from Loke Rahbek

Gum Takes Tooth - Arrow - Powerful, psychedelic, noisy synth rock opus

James Blake - Assume Form - A return to form with cool collaborations and hip hop bent

Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs - Quiet beauty from a one of a kind songwriter

Xosar - The Possessor Possesses Nothing - Pounding and satisfying industrial techno

Cherry Glazerr - Stuffed and Ready - High energy, personality-infused rock.

Dawn Richard - New Breed - Really catchy R&B that sticks with you.

Acronym & Kali Malone - The Torrid Eye - Acronyms beats with Kali Malone's ambiance.

Lee Gamble - In a Paraventral Scale - Puzzling and interesting electronic music.