NPR December 2018

This December was actually pretty good for me because I dug through a bunch of year end lists and came up with an odd assortment of new favorites. The things included here are all going to find their way into my year end lists, which are coming soon! 


Audiobooks - Now! (in a minute) - Absurdist arty synth pop that gets pretty far out. There's a strange sense of humor that runs throughout it that somehow keeps the aesthetic consistent. 

Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs - Sadvilliainy (I didn't come up with that)

Gabe Gurnsey - Physical - Probably the most bangers in one place this year that comes to mind. Really enjoyable headphone listen for the rubbery synthiness and overall catchiness.

J.I.D - Dicaprio 2 - Really good hip hop. Dense, good wordplay, good beats, and very memorable sections. A few weak sketches and moments, but overall very strong.

Jeff Tweedy - Warm - I like that this is what Jeff Tweedy is doing now. It's just a normal songwriter album and it's nice.

Pigs - King of Cowards - I love this album and wish I could find more heavy music that is half as satisfying. 

Sink Ya Teeth - Sink Ya Teeth - really fun and catchy anthemic dance punk that's consistently smart.

Glenn Jones - The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar - This is maybe the first time I've had an American Primitivism album in my rotation in and out. I never really stopped listening to it; its melodies are resonant and the skill level is insane.

Electronic and Abstract

Daniel Bachman - Morning Star - This is somewhere between an American Primitive album and a drone album. It's a massive work and it's one that I really appreciate.

Ricardo Donoso - Calibrate - Combining post-industrial vibes with progressive electronic synth worship, Donoso takes a step forward with kinetic synth structure

Space Afrika - Somewhere decent to live - One of those late night oddities that is so fractured and oblique that it doesn't really sound like anything else. Really fun to listen to if you're in a minimal mood.

Alessandro Cortini and Lawrence English - Immediate Horizon - An incredible performance from the Berlin Atonal festival from two amazing sound sculptors. I hope Lawrence English keeps finding awesome collaborators.

Chevel - In a Rush and Mercurial - The most I've enjoyed the weightless grime sound, which would probably make this the most I've ever enjoyed grime.

Lucy Railton - Paradise 94 - Unsettling Modern Love material. Basically a soundtrack to a yet unmade horror film.

Russell E.L. Butler - The house I'd build for myself and all my friends - bouncy and sad electro techno vibes in memoriam of the Ghost Ship fire.